Triumf och Tragedi

My opera Triumf och tragedi (Triumph and tragedy) had its world premiere at the Royal Opera, Stockholm 15/10. Libretto: Daniel Boyacioglu . 11/10  a public hearing about the piece was held with Daniel and me, at the opera house at Gustaf Adolfs torg.
The piece is a commission from the Royal Opera, and ”the soul’s incurable loneliness” is our theme in this story based on the rise and fall of wrestling champion and Olympic medalist Mikael Ljungberg who, having reached the abolute top position as a wrestler, tragically took his life.
Listen to Triumf and Tragedi on the Swedish Radio ”P2 Live:NU” from 15/11
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Extract from reviews:
If anyone thought that the art of opera was down for the count, so it’s time to re-calculus. Paula af Malmborg Ward’s Triumph and Tragedy should be well placed to become a repertory work … A new opera much larger than its size ( Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet)

Heartbreaking new opera about a star’s suicide … Paula af Malmborg’s music with five strings, trumpet and percussion gives the history of resistance and nerve … The musical composition is prepared with nuances and Comments ( Maria Schottenius, DN)

And most importantly, Paula af Malmborg Ward as in a number of theatrical productions for the opera, theater, television and radio has become one of Sweden’s more experienced dramatic composers. She has perfect timing (not an unbalanced second), trimmed materials (cross references), humour (TV music that shifts during zapping) and voice recognition (no odd elements )…
(Erik Wallrup, SvD)

”A successful opera concept that provides stomach ache”
Culture News 18/10 (read article in Swedish): SR P1

3 september, 2010