recensioner_12 Find listed some voices about me and my works. Only in Swedish for the moment…

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BT (Rolf Haglund)
”That´s how you create a success.”

DN (Sara Norling)
”Her humour, rhythmical timing and sense for textual makes Paula af Malmborg Ward one of our cleverest opera composers.”

GP (Magnus Haglund)
”Paula af Malmborg’s new opera The Scar is her strongest work so far. She seems to exist symbiotically with life on the stage.”

Expressen (Gunilla Brodrej) ”Writes damn well!”

Opera Now (Phill Ward) ”A musical language fusing an up-tempo sense of wit with reflective modernism…”

Sydsvenska Dagbladet (Carl-Håkan Larsén)
”Paula af Malmborg Ward has become an experienced music playwright. This year’s initial first performance in Vadstena reveals a close to masterly side.”

DN (Martin Nyström) ”Self-assured and steady, she gives the downbeat to the giant orchestral apparatus…”

SvD (Carl-Gunnar Åhlén) ”Composer Paula af Malmborg Ward is so familiar with all styles that at times she needs only a pinch to get maximum effect.”